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A Simple Sims Journal.
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*echoes in the distance*

Alright. I know I sort of disappeared for an entire year (more like a year and a half). I was going through some personal drama at the time, though I had every intention of continuing the Tiwele legacy (even if it meant coming back months later). However, I was going through some personal changes (moving out, a terrible breakup, financial issues...the works) and I kind of just deleted everything besides Facebook and disappeared from the internet. It has been rough, but I am ready to give it another go. I still have the Tiwele's file saved on my external hard-drive, so I will still be able to play them. I will be sharing pictures and posting downloads on my simblr. I also intend to start a new one and actually follow through. Seriously. Pinky swear.

*Apparently, my game borked and I no longer have their file, which is a bummer but it happens. I still plan to put Liz up for download as soon as I can.

Anyway, happy simming!
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